His Holiness Shehanshah Mastana Ji Maharaj carried out the awareness of the true name
with full force for the period of twelve years. In this golden period he distributed, in abundance,
gold, silver, rupees, clothes, quilts, etc. openly among the public. He showed strange and awe-
striking spiritual miracles that attracted people from far away in India and the world to Dera
Sacha Sauda.

Shehanshah Mastana Ji was born on KARTIK POORNIMA in the year 1891 in the Village
Kotra, Town Gandheya, Sub District Kullait, Balochistan, Pakistan. His Father’s name was Shri
Pillamal Ji and Mother’s name was Mata Tulsa Bai Ji. He belonged to an akshatriya family. His
Parents initially named him as Shri Khemamal Ji. Later on His Holiness Huzoor Baba Sawan
Singh Ji Maharaj honourably named him as ‘Shah Mastana Ji’. This pure name was given by
Huzoor Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj keeping in view his true devotion, love and dedication
towards the Satguru that is "The God". He further honoured him by saying "Mastano ka
Mastana and Shahon Ka Shah "Shah Mastana Ji".

From early childhood Mastana Ji had great inclination towards God; that is why at the
young age of 13-14 Years he left home in the search for a Perfect Master. In his search
Mastana Ji met almost every famous saint of northern India but couldn’t find the complete
satisfaction to his desire for a perfect master. Almost every saint informed him that they could
help him to some extent over the holy eternal plains but could not help him see the complete
Lord within. So, after searching for almost nine years Mastana Ji reached BEAS, a district in
state of Punjab (INDIA). There he met His Holiness the Supreme Saint Huzoor Baba Sawan
Singh Ji Maharaj. After regularly listening to satsangs (spiritual discourses), Mastana Ji got
complete satisfaction and finally got NAAM DAAN (The Holy Word) (got initiated) from Baba Ji
and finally surrendered himself in the pure shelter of Baba Ji.

Mastana Ji Maharaj with the order of his Satguru carried out for 25 -30 years various
satsangs in different provinces of Pakistan (Balochistan, Sindh, Sialkot, Multan, Mintgumri, etc.)
and also carried out the same awareness of the holy word (Naam) in various cities of Punjab.
After this came the most prestigious time when Huzoor Baba Ji assigned Mastana Ji’s duty at
Bagarh and then later on made him his successor and sent him to Sirsa, Haryana, India. This is
how His Holiness Shehanshah Mastana Ji Maharaj with the Order (Hukum) of his sweet selfless
God Baba Ji established Dera Sacha Sauda and carried on the blessings and awareness of the
true name (Ram Naam) among the masses. Complete Spiritual Saints and true Master Saints
who are God in themselves come in the form of human beings time and again and by the order
of the Almighty they pass on their duty to their successors and later go back to the their original
shell "The home of the lord". Similarly His Holiness Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj completed his
assigned duties of Dera Sacha Sauda and his holy family and further handed over this prime
task to his successor (
Manager Sahib Ji).